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Our Story

In 2016 The Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen was born and our goal was to be able to offer a restaurant with the typical gastronomy of Venezuela, which is characterized by having a fusion of traditional indigenous cuisine with influences from food from Italy, France and Spain. In addition to this, it is a family project to be able to share those Latin flavors with the Venezuelan community and the same time captivate the palate of the foreign market with the Venezuelan flavor.

What we want to highlight from Venezuelan Culture

The culture of Venezuela is made up of a series of elements that give life to who we are as a society. The national symbol has been the Arepa, it is a typical dish of indigenous origin whose preparation dates back to pre-Hispanic cultures who planted and processed corn. The arepas have a round, flat shape and are our main dish on the menu.

In our restaurant we want to preserve the seasoning of each Venezuelan dish, that they be considered part of the international gastronomic offer that is offered in Seattle, Washington and thus make known the wide variety of dishes that offer exotic flavors, color and that are attractive. visually.

At Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen we are committed to providing you with a special gastronomic experience. For those who know our culture, let it be a space where they feel at home and for new customers, let it be a place to dare and have a gastronomic experience to remember. For this, our work team is committed to creating unique flavors, with the best quality standards and aimed at making each client feel satisfied.


Service: We provide every client with a unique exceptional experience.

Quality: Our mission is to source the best for our clients to enjoy.

Authenticy: Always we want to share our culture with truth, compassion, and enthusiasm.

Passion: Our team is deeply driven by our mission and the desire to do what they love, and to give the very best to the community.


The Authentic Venezuelan Arepa